Facebook’s Stretched Privacy Still a Thumbs Down!

Whether or not users like it, Facebook is evolving…big time! If they don’t, like it or not, it’s time to wave goodbye to them. But, since Facebook founders have the gift of social networking, they will conjure up something in a hurry. In the meantime…guess what? Privacy issues!

Stretched privacy becomes a big problem for many new users more than current users. Even a bigger problem for past users (those who don’t use Facebook anymore, but still have an activated account). Facebook’s newest developments have to do with a major, new, privacy policy that was voted for last Friday (June 8th).

Voters on Friday morning rebuked the new privacy policies posted by Facebook. Apparently a turnout of 13% signaled to Facebook that it was way off key. Obviously, Facebook executives are way too hasty this year (IPO issues, privacy issues). What is even more sad: they are bound to regulators and cannot fulfill user experience to the maximum. Looks like their priorities are incorrect.

Feel free to read the full text on the privacy changes.

This round of privacy changes supposedly were put intact so they could generate more revenue by selling personal information to third parties, otherwise known as data theft (unless the user is allowed to opt-out). No wonder why their little bill was shut down by voters.

It is time for Facebook to seriously re-evaluate their business and find a better business plan, well suited for the new economic needs. And in the meantime, opt-out and never sell-out!

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