UK Police In Search of ID Fraud Buyers from Confidential Access

ID Fraud


Confidential Access, a website aimed to show buyers how to protect their credit or build a “perfectly legal” credit file, may actually be operating in the scam business. London’s Metropolitan Police took to the investigation and found many flaws in their business files.

Some of the major issues the company was possessing were the reasons why metro police arrested the entire website staffing: real-looking ID documents, fraud committing tips, and other ID cards. The big problem is now: 11,000 customers whom bought from this fraudulent business.

Two identified men were the main targets, names are Jason Place and Barry Sales, which ran the base for the business out of their “comfortable villas” in Alicante, Spain. One of the identified men, Jason Place, was convicted and is sentenced to 6 years 9 months in prison. Barry, however, was not prosecuted due to his terminal illness.

Three other men, in their later years (55-70 ages), were arrested for conspiracy to defraud, while two younger men were charged with the same suit.

The information for the criminals can be found on the Met Police Site:

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