Watch Out! This Android Malware is Top Game!

Research at seCURE Connexion reveals the top Android Malware currently “trending” (had to use a trendy word). See below!
  1. Troj.Android-Smspacem – This malware baddie usually arrives as a part of a re-packaged application (app) on the Android Store or can be obtained through SMS Texting. The object of the malware is to change the wallpaper of the Home screen and then send out spam to all the people in the address book of the device. Many people on the other end receive messages from the affected phone. Many times it has to do something about “Jebus” and “apocalypse” blabs.
  2. Troj.BaseBridgeAndroid – This trojan is known to be installed without knowledge, and steals sensitive data. When the stolen data is indexed, it is sent to a remote server. It also attempts to terminate certain applications. Particularly 360 Mobile Safe. Know that is can also read your sent and received SMS Text Messages, and intercept incoming messages before they are delivered to the device’s inbox.
  3. Troj.FakeBattAndroid – This is a classic trojan, which acts like a Battery and CPU usage monitor…however, it gathers device data and sends it to a remote server.
  4. Troj.DDspyAndroid – This baddie is a fake Gmail app, and likes to hide in your App List instead of having a regular appearance. It likes to record SMS Texts, calls, voicemails, etc. It may get into GPS data very soon, which is a scary thought.
  5. Troj.StiniterAndroid – This new baddie attempts to change device settings and set the device up for remote connection, so data can be sent to their server. It also attempts to run your battery down by keeping the CPU from sleeping, disabling keyguard, and disabling the dimmer. It likes to send the command ACTION_BOOT_COMPLETED, which causes the device to boot slowly.

All in all, Android was built for security…right? However, with their Bouncer system, it is supposed to block bad apps. However, with clever cloaking and social engineering, a malware piece can infiltrate the system and get past Bouncer. Read more about bypassing Bouncer.

It is highly important to have some sort of antivirus protection for your mobile device. Get Kaspersky Mobile Security today!

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