Summing Up Google’s Censorship Requests

By Jay Pfoutz – Opinion Article

Google has published Transparency Report, which is indeed helpful, because it allows users to see how Google’s operations run. Particularly in the bounds of censorship. Some of the data is aggregated below, but is taken from the Transparency Report.

Governments all across the world find data, videos, pictures, that might be offensive to the nature of their country. Therefore, they make requests to Google for removing such content, or at least removing it from view. This data is dated from July to December 2011.

Some of the governments are lenient, and some are just plain ridiculous, in my opinion.

Here are the most ridiculous governments (namely countries):

  • Brazil – Mainly because of Orkut, Google received 128 requests for removal of content. 😛
  • United States – Mainly because of YouTube videos denoting harassment (some 1,400), Google received 117 requests for removal of content. :O

Copyright removal was another form of requests (data in past month)…here are the ridiculous ones from that list:

Top Potential Copyright Violation Sites (Oh no…SOPA/PIPA would be on this):


And that’s not close to all of them.

Check out the full Transparency Report for more interesting data:

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