Apple’s Mountain Lion OS Automatically Checks for Security Updates Daily

In the interest of fairness, Apple has deployed a newer security updating system in their next version of Mac OS X (dubbed Mountain Lion / v10.8). Its release in July will be just in time to save a lot of hassle dealing with security updating.

However, please note this new technology will not help with zero-day bugs. Sometimes, if a zero-day bug gets spread, the updating cannot be so quickly adapted.

Anyway, the Mountain Lion Security Update System is designed to assist users in getting the latest security updates for their system every day!

With Gatekeeper, the new anti-malware feature that checks application downloads for evidence of fraudulent/trojan activities, all of these new security features will help protect identities. It also proves something valuable: Mac OS is not invulnerable to malware.

If it was designed by hand, it can be cracked by hand! That’s the best security philosophy to have!!

This update is just planted from the aftermath of the Flashback Trojan/Botnet that affected up to or over 600,000 Macs. Apple is realizing their operating systems are no more secure than a Windows PC. Watch Microsoft and learn, friends! They’ve had the security patching mechanisms for over ten years…Apple has yet to release any.


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  1. Tony Dee says :

    Thanks for that. I forwarded it to my Mac user group.
    – Tony

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