Eventful Summer Heating Up for Computer Security

Whether it’s the Olympics possible terrorism, or the cyberwar heating up, an eventful Summer for computer security is on the way!

Some of the biggest computer security issues in the coming weeks of the Summer include (no specific order):

  1. Olympic games, possible terrorism involvement. Also, look out for scammy/spammy emails, including different issues – such as: Watch Olympic results online now, or even Win Free Tickets to the Olympics. Websites that allow broadcasting for the Olympics are going to be highly targeted. Look out for issues, especially when a lot of people from a lot of different countries want to check it they’re team won.
  2. Your Summer Vacation, may be the time where you lose your smartphone or laptop or tablet, etc. Be careful not to take too many gadgets…after all, the more you have with you, the more you have to keep track. If you’re commonly irresponsible or less careful, then try to take only one-to-two devices at maximum. Also, don’t be announcing to Twitter, Facebook, FourSquare, etc. that you are leaving your home for a while. This produces a great home security risk, mainly for people whom know where you live.
  3. Politics and cybercrime don’t mix well! Expect trouble in your inbox, pasted all over advertising, etc. about the upcoming Presidential Election. Don’t click on ads in different websites, or in spam emails about politics. It’s a bunch of propaganda, FUD, and mindless brainwashing…that’s just half. The other half: malware of course! 😀
  4. Black Hat & DefCon conferences are this Summer. Expect no less than a wild ride for vulnerabilities, strange new malware, and lots of fancy code to look at. But seriously, don’t fall for vulnerabilities. Keep your computer secure by following the ad below. It’s an ad you SHOULD click on!

In order to protect your computer against these types of threats, it is recommended to have a good Internet Security suite, that protects your computer against malware and protects your inbox against spam attacks:

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