How Valuable Are CAPTCHAs in Today’s Security World

CAPTCHAs are not invulnerable

For quite a long time, it’s been studied that CAPTCHAs, a website security method in short: tell computers and humans apart, are the  best way to avoid bot transmissions. But in some cases, CAPTCHAs have proven not so invulnerable.

What’s more interesting is that CAPTCHAs were originally created to prevent bots from illegitimately accessing websites. CAPTCHAs assume, by their own nature, that every visitor is a computer – therefore, everyone should take the test. There are only a few ways that CAPTCHAs are successfully bypassed to infiltrate a website:

  • Exploit of bugs in the implementation.
  • Increased ability to create character recognition software products.
  • Allowing hired humans to do the puzzles for some extra cash (cheap labor).
  • Audio CAPTCHAs are vulnerable to voice recognition programs that are targeted at CAPTCHA cracks.

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