Al-Qaida Plans to Attack US Planes during London Olympics

As we reported last week, seems as though terror attacks are potentially heating up for the London Olympics this year. As we head closer the the Olympics, more problems are beginning to appear. This is just one of the eventful summer problems heating up for computer security.

According to one source, The al-Qaida branch in the Arabian Peninsula is believed to be planning a terror attack during the Olympic Games in London, scheduled to begin at the end of the month. According to a report in today’s Sunday Times, quoting intelligence services, the organization has recruited a Norwegian Muslim convert who was supposed to hijack a U.S. passenger plane and crash it on a suicide mission. It is not clear though that the attack targeted one of the Olympic venues, despite the timing. Al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) has been involved in a number of attempts to carry out high-profile attacks on Western targets.

Some may believe this is all propaganda.

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