Oil Giants Targeted by Anonymous

Last week, and continuing into the weekend, Anonymous targeted ExxonMobil and claimed to have compromised company data during Op SaveTheArctic. The attack was in response to environmental concerns, and it isn’t the first time Exxon has come under the gun with regards to the faceless hacking collective.

“The energy companies that caused the Arctic to melt in the first place are looking to profit from the disappearing ice. They want to open up a new oil frontier to get at a potential 90 billion barrels of oil. That’s a lot of money to them, but it’s only three years’ worth of oil to the world,” a statement by Anonymous released after the attacks explains.

The operation lists ExxonMobilShell PetrochemicalBP GlobalGazprom, and Rosneft as targets. Each company has a vested interest in oil and energy, and each one has faced environmental protesting in the past.

On Thursday, Anonymous claimed to have leaked 316 email addresses and hashed passwords, allegedly taken from a cracked ExxonMobil database. They claimed they were then able to use the company passwords to sign petitions protesting operations in the Arctic.

Read more: http://www.securityweek.com/anonymous-targets-oil-giants-exxonmobil-shell-and-bp

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