Beware of Web Browsers Vulnerable to Rogue Downloads

When it comes to browser security, it is best to always keep in mind the different issues with malware exploitation. In other words, the possibility for viruses/malware to install itself on your computer without your permission is more apparent depending on your web browser.

The problem that is faced in current popular web browsers is that it does not warn the user if a download is coming from a third-party domain. This is found in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Windows Internet Explorer.

Also, a vulnerability exists in HTML5 that allows widgets, sandboxed frames, etc. to download data from a thid-party. If a user browses a malicious widget inadvertently, like on a popular website, viruses/malware can be installed on the user’s computer. This is mainly if they don’t have good antivirus protection, which can block these types of incidents.

The only one that seems to be serious about it, per speculation, are Google. Microsoft may be thinking about a fix for the issues in future versions of IE. Mozilla may not be addressing the issue anytime soon!

Browser security needs to improve as soon as possible, and if the above vulnerabilities are fixed, issues should resolve from inadvertent downloading.


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