Password Security is Beginning to Improve

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Notice the key word “beginning” when describing the improvement? Password security is ever so important, especially when users put more data online that is personally-identifiable. It’s highly important to keep your password updated often, especially on social networks.

With recent password studies, it shows that people that are much older in age tend to pick stronger passwords. Which means for young people that it’s time to start picking out better passwords.

With recent password hacks, you’d think people get a move on in changing their passwords. Password theft can happen to anyone!

Some of the weaker passwords were only 10-20 bits. But, as time moves on, password strength should be up to 32 bits. What this means for you? Longer passwords that are more unique:

  • At least one capital letter
  • At least one lower-case letter
  • At least one symbol
  • At least one number

When you’re searching to create a password, try to make it appear easy to remember for yourself, but impossible for a stranger to figure out, even if they looked at your profile for personally-identifiable information. Another key is to avoid putting ANY personal detail in any of your passwords.

Here are some example passwords that would be excellent to use:

  • Marc#4564 (according to How Secure Is My Password, it would take 12 years to crack)
  • GenieRelease#7 (32 billion years)
  • JokerMan*777 (5 million years)

As you can see, the more unique your password is, the better chances you are at keeping your data safe for many years!

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