Anonymous Admits to Handing Syrian Data to WikiLeaks

Might not be a problem for any other country, but Syria has issues now…government data handed over to exploit firm WikiLeaks!

In a press release published Saturday, a group dubbed Anonymous Op Syria admitted to hacking into multiple domains and servers inside Syria on Feb. 5 to obtain e-mails (more than two million emails from Syrian political figures, ministries and associated companies, dating from August 2006 to March 2012), which it then gave to WikiLeaks.

Many of the details exposed in the hacker paste (AnonPaste) include:

On Febuary 5, 2012 at approx. 4:00 PM ET USA an Anonymous Op Syria team consisting of elements drawn from Anonymous Syria, AntiSec (now known as the reformed LulzSec) and the Peoples Liberation Front succeeded in creating a massive breach of multiple domains and dozens of servers inside Syria. This team had been working day and night in shifts for weeks to accomplish this feat. So large was the data available to be taken, and so great was the danger of detection (especially for the members of Anonymous Syria, many of whom are “in country”) that the downloading of this data took several additional weeks.

On March 14, 2012 after analyzing the truly staggering trove of E-Mail recovered in this hack, participants in Anonymous Op Syria isolated the personal E-Mail of the dictator Assad and his wife and publicly released this small trove to the world via a press release similar to this one. This disclosure made headlines around the world, but it remained just a tiny fraction of the total data recovered in the original hack. Anonymous Op Syria, and indeed the entire global collective – were at a bit of a loss as to exactly how to deal with and properly disclose such a vast trove of important information. But there is one organization that is supremely well equipped to handle a disclosure of this magnitude, WikiLeaks. Having already formed a partnership with WikiLeaks in the disclosure of the “Stratfor Files”, it seemed natural and obvious to continue this historic partnership between Anonymous and WikiLeaks with the disclosure of the “Syria Files”. And thus…

On July 5, 2012 – Five months virtually to the day after the brave hackers of Anonymous and the PLF breached the Assad regime servers, WikiLeaks released to the world 2.4 million E-Mail files belonging to the Syrian regime and various Syrian companies. And this is just beginning, expect many more disclosures of this type in the future as this wonderful partnership between WikiLeaks and Anonymous continues to grow stronger and change human history.

The group noted in their public statement that there will be “many more disclosures of this type in the future as this wonderful partnership between WikiLeaks and Anonymous continues to grow stronger and change human history.”

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