Fake Antivirus Programs Becoming Hit on Mac OS X

Mac malware has had its rise lately. It’s amazing to know that people are waking up from the “Macs can’t get infected” sleep, and actually securing their computers with antivirus software.

From the Flashback Botnet, to fake antivirus software, malware is becoming a problem on Mac OS X systems now!

Now, keep in mind, fake antivirus software, is software that is created to trick the user into “protecting their PC”, but instead installs more malware or attempts to steal their identity/credit card. This is also called a trojan program, which is a generic name for a program that is supposed to do one thing and appears to do so, but actually does the opposite in the background. All of these collectively are scams, and are dangerous to your identity.

Typically, fake antivirus software installs itself, usually by trojans that are distributed to plugin exploits, and begins scanning your computer for malware. As it is scanning, it may report non-existent threats. Sometimes, these fake antivirus programs can install malware first, and then detect it in the scanner. Once it is done scanning, it will provide a list of results and will tell you to upgrade in order to remove it. Usually, the upgrade costs money, and you’re required to pay that money in order to remove the threats found. Most of the time, the rogue programs will not allow you to uninstall them, especially until you pay for it. This is also called ransomware.

The following are variants of Fake Antivirus that Macs will see (in order of popularity of infection):

  1. OSX/FakeAV-DWN
  2. OSX/FakeAVZp-C
  3. OSX/FakeAvDl-A
  4. OSX/FakeAV-DPU
  5. OSX/FakeAvDl-B
  6. OSX/FakeAV-FFN
  7. OSX/FakeAV-A
  8. OSX/FakeAV-FNV

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