Report: Average Web App Attacked Every Three Days

Do not envy the life of a Web app. It’s a brutal, public existence filled with attacks from all sides. In fact, a new report by Imperva sheds some light on this sad life, showing that a typical Web app is attacked once every three days and some are targeted as many as 2,700 times in a given year.

Web apps are lots of fun for attackers because they’re publicly accessible and take all kinds of interesting inputs. Attackers can take their time, throwing whatever data they choose at a given app and then see what happens to break. To determine what this attack landscape looks like, Imperva monitored 50 Web applications for six months, looking at the kinds of attacks each one endured and pulling out trends.

One of the more interesting findings was that the typical Web app can expect to be attacked every third day and that some of the applications are under attack as often as 292 days per year. There are likely to be multiple attack incidents on any given day, as well. The average attack that Imperva observed lasted a little less than eight minutes and the longest went on for about 80 minutes.

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