Windows 8 medical app, EMR Surface launched

Many sources are talking about the new Windows 8 app, EMR Surface, that is now available for $499 (USD). It is apparently the most pricey app so far, which is fine, because most other solutions for the Windows platforms are much more expensive. This app provides a break from the cost and takes advantage of the new Windows 8 operating system.

The development team Pariscribe has engineered this app. This app was made specifically for the medical industry, and should be treated as such. It offers the ability, according to the app page, to check up on patient information and to “Add Appointment, Billing, Family History, Family History Details, Problems, Progress Note, Risk Factor, Vital Sign, Prescription, Drug Interactions, Reminders.”

Right now, apparently it is in pilot mode, being used in Samsung Series 7 Slate tablets. In 12 MB in size, it comes packed with tons of features, and provides an easy-to-use visual interface. Just may be the future of in-office consultations, instead of the medical laptop usage.

Now available on the Windows Store.

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