IEEE data breach echoes across the world

A Denmark-based Romanian computer scientist, Radu Dragusin, apparently found publicly readable code on a FTP server of the IEEE. It seems the results of his study included that the FTP server was used as a drop for log files from (its official site) and (its online magazine), and that it contained info about 400,000,000 HTTP requests. Impressive!

Also, according to the report, some 400,000 log entries included the usernames and passwords (in plaintext of course) of about 100,000 unique users. Dragusin was unsure of what to do with the data he discovered on the 18th of September, but finally submitted the information about his study to the IEEE, where they developed (at least) a partial fix. What’s more important, is that experts are wondering why Radu didn’t tell the IEEE sooner, where the issue would have been fixed faster…


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