More celebrity sex tapes (Hulk Hogan), more security problems

Now, spam makers have more juice with a sex tape leak on Hulk Hogan. The alleged porn tape appeared earlier this year, place in at least one studio, and now it is a key spam topic in email/IM/SEO spamming.

If that isn’t bad enough, Heather Clem, one alleged to be involved in the footage, and is “completely devastated” by it.

There are many other stories popping up about the tape and it’s becoming a big buzz. What’s sad is, with the rise of social networking, contributes to the rise of celebrity problems, which was predicted I’m sure. Celebrities don’t belong with normal people, because either the celebrity goes crazy, or the fan goes crazy.

As usual, if you receive any emails containing information about the Hogan sex tape, kindly ignore it, and do not download the attached EXE file or video that apparently has the footage. Doing so can cause malware to take control of your computer.

To prevent spam from causing problems on your computer, it’s best to secure your computer Surfright Anti-Spam.

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