Users told to downgrade from Firefox 16 to 15.0.1 because of vulnerability – here’s how

Mozilla is aware of a security vulnerability in the current release version of Firefox (version 16). We are actively working on a fix and plan to ship updates tomorrow. Firefox version 15 is unaffected.
The vulnerability could allow a malicious site to potentially determine which websites users have visited and have access to the URL or URL parameters.  At this time we have no indication that this vulnerability is currently being exploited in the wild.

Firefox 16 has been temporarily removed from the current installer page and users will automatically be upgraded to the new version as soon as it becomes available.

Reference: Mozilla Blog

How to downgrade the easy way?

If you’re using version 16, it is highly recommended to downgrade now. If you want to downgrade the easy way for Firefox, go to and download the installer for 15.0.1.

Once you have downloaded the installer, run or double-click it to run, and allow it to “Upgrade” the install, which technically the installer would not recognize that it’s truly downgrading Firefox.

Once that’s done, start up Firefox again, and it shall be back to 15.0.1, and vulnerability free!


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