More news in Sony Pictures hack, LulzSec member Rivera pleads guilty

LulzSec member, Raynaldo Rivera, who was arrested at the end of August, appeared in court this past Thursday (Oct. 11), and has plead guilty to the charges of being involved in hacking into Sony Pictures, as well as for stealing personal information, passwords, and other personal data from thousands of users.

Under the plea agreement, Rivera will pay restitution to his victims and faces the maximum penalty: five year prison sentence and a fine of at least $250,000.

Because of this “simple SQL injection“, it costed Sony over $600,000 apparently, which is not cheap change by any means.

Rivera used the HideMyAss proxy service, illegally according to their Terms, to investigate potential vulnerabilities on Sony servers. HideMyAss proxy service cooperated with authorities, providing a report of the data transactions made by the hacker.

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