China Largest Cyber Threat Says US Panel

A draft of a recent congressional report highlighted by Bloomberg, says China as the largest cyber threat to the US and the world. Apparently, as the report shows, hackers in China are increasingly targeting the US military and defense contractor computers.

The Bloomberg article highlighted: “China’s persistence, combined with notable advancements in exploitation activities over the past year, poses growing challenges to information systems and their users,” the U.S.- China Economic and Security Review Commission said in the draft obtained by Bloomberg News. “Chinese penetrations of defense systems threaten the U.S. military’s readiness and ability to operate.”

It appears the volume of activity from China, even though their attacks are not of much substance, still makes them quite a threat in the cyberwar landscape. Some of the simple things, including hacking and exploitation, are no surprise to US security experts and military intelligence workers. Most of the time, the report states, intelligence or technology information was collected. An actual attack was not always, necessarily, the aim. With China’s cyberwarfare militia gaining, it’ll become quite an opponent in cyberwar.

The report is scheduled for November 14 of this year, and will provide an establishment for the United States to punish and penalize foreign countries or firms for cyber (industrial) espionage.

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