Syria Gets Bite from Cyberwar: Internet is Down

The Syrian civil war continues now, and at its peak so far now, with cyberwar becoming involved. However, this is more of an internal cyberwar, security experts assume. It is believed the regime behind the Syrian government is removing IP blocks (basically shutting down access to the Internet), to either; A. Punish the people (unlikely); or, B. Protect the government servers and other host servers from a potential (threatened) cyberattack. It is believed to be B.

As of 5:26 am ET this morning, Renesys (organization who monitors the Internet around the world) reported the downtime for Syrian’s IP blocks, which they note only five or so IP blocks just outside of Syria are still on. The few open IP blocks are believed to be home to cybercriminals, who in May of this year targeted Syria in a Skype encyption hoax.

All of the telecommunications in Syria appear to be suspended for Internet usage, as the Renesys organization has done traceroutes with no results turning up. Some have believed the loss of Deutsche Telekom, a telecommunications network for area countries, has a little to do with some of the outages incurred recently.

Other experts have believed that the Syrian Regime is planning something a bit harsh, and may be preventing the information from the country from leaking across the Internet. This may have implications that they are protecting themselves from cyberwar, or they are planning to engage a cyberwar against opposing countries.

It is unknown for many details at this time, but many activists have been tortured, arrested, etc. It would be no surprise if Syrian Regime has cut off Internet access for this reason.

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