Microsoft Security Essentials FAILS latest AV-Test is mse-blockedthreat-screenshota German publisher of comparative reviews on a slew of antivirus products. They review all types of antivirus and security suite products, and the tests are very beneficial to customers and for companies. Their reviews are published bi-monthly.

The latest review shows that Microsoft Security Essentials was the only one who did not make the cut for an award. They failed to make certification during the latest review. Now, it is unclear on whether Microsoft’s Anti-Malware Team was stressed of working double on the super-improved Windows Defender for Windows 8, or if malware has just been too troublesome.

Microsoft Security Essentials is, according to Opswat’s September 2012 market share report, used by almost 14 percent of the security market worldwide. That is a lot compared to the number of antivirus product vendors available, which is over 50 vendors. It is highly difficult to maintain antivirus software during the current industry, because hackers and cybercriminals are much more numerous than the amount of security researchers and developers there are to counteract the attacks.

Many antivirus companies have employed new tactics to have robot schemes set up to do malware research on its own, rather than hire a lot of security researchers. By doing so, the antivirus company would have the risk of dealing with a lot of false positives. Some have led to believe this is the uprising trouble in companies like AVG, ESET, or Kaspersky – those of whom have seen a rise in false positives in the past couple of years.

Latest round of AV tests:

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