ChronoPay Co-Founder Plants Lawsuit on Kaspersky Lab

Co-founder with ChronoPay, Pavel Vrublevsky, has decided to plant a lawsuit on Kaspersky Lab. ChronoPay is a large e-payment system in Russia. The lawsuit arises when Vrublevsky accused Kaspersky Lab of publishing defamatory blog posts about him, because of his ongoing trial. His trial is about cybercrime, as he is allegedly believed to have hired the creator of the Festi spam botnet to launch an attack on one of ChronoPay’s competitors.

Apparently, Vrublevsky is known for past campaigns in pharma-scams and other associated cybercrimes. His trial does not come light.

From what it seems like, this situation is a bit out-of-reach for Kaspersky, only because they were just blogging about news that goes on. If the posts were truly defamatory, what tact would Vrublevsky have on them anyway?

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