Android Exploit Found on Samsung Devices

There is an Android kernel implementation flaw being investigated a lot closer by Samsung Electronics in their devices. Since Google does not have any official devices that Android can solely run on, that means specific device-makers have to implement the Android kernel into its devices.

Apparently, any app can use this vulnerability to exploit and gain root access to the device. Affected devices include the following Samsung devices:

  • Galaxy Note
  • Galaxy Note II
  • Galaxy Note 10.1
  • Galaxy Note Plus
  • S2
  • S3

Hackers have increasingly targeted the Android OS. This past Saturday was when this kernel vulnerability was found by user “alephzain” on XDA Developers, a forum for mobile (device/OS) developers. Alephzain noted that this was a “huge mistake” and that people should be very wary of this problem. Another forum user, Chainfire, helped note some more information, including about the affected devices. This flaw was thoroughly tested and confirmed.

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