Get Alternative Software for Adobe Reader

Are the latest band of exploits too challenging for you? Want something different? Tired of updating Adobe Reader once to twice a week?

Here is a short list of PDF viewers, the best alternatives for Adobe Reader.

  • Sumatra PDF

    This program is extremely lightweight, easy on resources, and fun to use for its ability to get the job done. Open a PDF.

  • Foxit Reader

    Free, lightweight – Foxit Reader is a great alternative for Adobe Reader. Although not as thin on the resources or fast like Sumatra, Foxit sure has a lot to offer. How about text converter, highlighting, or even integration with DocuSign services? Awesome!

  • Nitro PDF Reader

    This is similar to Sumatra. Nitro has some other features to offer, including free editing tools. This does have a bit of a pokey interface, like Adobe Reader can be sometimes, but still looks slick!

There you have it! Good luck!

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