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What is Multifactor Authentication & Why YOU Need it?

Two-Factor Authentication

Lately, there’s been a lot of buzz about multifactor authentication, especially with Twitter. Multifactor Authentication refers to the requirement of two or more pieces of information needed before allowing access to a specific account.

Adding another step to authentication, it’s requiring the user to not only enter a password, but also input another piece or more of information. Many example include inputting a username and password, plus maybe a code or other piece of pertinent information each time at logon.

Although this is a good security method, by providing another barrier to entry, it will probably not prove perfect. But,  at least it is something to get us by in security, till a more strengthened solution comes along. We just need to get rid of the weak password encryption we have now, and get something better.

What more can be done for password security? Highlight your input by commenting below. We’d love to hear about it!

With the Rise of Coding, Comes the Rise of Malware

I’m sure you might have read recent articles about how coding is going to be the ultimate skill in the coming years. Seems like this might as well be true, so it’s being pushed with the various online schools being developed (the list is getting exhaustive). With this huge rise of training comes a huge rise of smarter hackers and malware writers.

What is it about malware that seems so attractive? Money, fun, damage, etc.? We can get a glimpse of reality when we see the statistics on antivirus vendor websites, some say a million new samples are added weekly. Many of these issues arise out of the violence of society or the outward shame that is inflicted upon other people through the art of cyberbullying, hacking, and other threatening tasks.

What’s more is that when we study these aspects, we get a sense that most malware is targeting our wallets, stealing our identities. We need better protection. This is a call to someone who can make better, user friendly operating systems. If you know how to code or are training, please make sure to use it for good. You could in fact become a lot more rich making top security software than becoming a hacker – stealing and risking it all.

What’s better for you? Helping or hurting? Good wallet or prison time? Make your choice. Better humanity through an act of good will. Get out there and code for the good! Make a difference! BE THE DIFFERENCE!

Don’t be afraid to try new things. Set impossible goals. Shoot yourself into the future of technology and skyscrape the world over with your amazing new security software.

Something’s gotta give! And if something doesn’t happen soon, our threatening internet culture could begin to control us and steal our money. We’ll have a very unfair world by then. What if we impose CISPA? That’ll make a lot of people happy but also a lot of people mad.

What more can be helped for our cybersecurity problem? Feel free to comment and leave your suggestions.

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