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Firefox 18 is HERE! Retina Support, Faster Javascript, Security Fixes

Firefox 18 has been released.

This month, there were 2917 bugs patched, with 21 security fixes. 12 Flaws noted were critical.

Make sure to check out the new JavaScript compiler known as IonMonkey. This us a converting tool for JavaScript code. It helps to optimize the use of JavaScript code. Some worry this can cause startup delay for Firefox.

According to a post on Mozilla’s blog yesterday, Firefox 18 also comes with an awesome new phishing and malware protection component. Therefore, now the browser will warn users when they browse sites that are phishing or malware.

Firefox 18 now supports Retina enhanced-resolution for MacBook Pro devices. So, if you’re wanting to use Retina to your advantage when browsing the web, you have it.

Other than all that, it’s cool! Download from http://www.getfirefox.com or press the Firefox tab in the browser > Help > About Firefox, Check for Updates.

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