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Anonymous: Sabu 6-month Sentencing Wait

LulzSecSabu, mole hacker of Anonymous small groups Antisec and LulzSec, now has a wait time on his sentence, because of his cooperation with the FBI. The cooperation is done to help the FBI track down hackers involved with Anonymous, and attempt to put an end to the nonsense.

Since the FBI arrested Sabu, or his real name Hector Xavier Monsegur, last June, he’s been working undercover for them. After providing information leading to arrests of several Antisec and LulzSec members, the charges/sentencing is being waited for Sabu.

The reactions from fellow LulzSec/Anonymous members has been utter denial of his original involvement with the group, and how Sabu even got the idea that spilling the details would help the groups’ plans: “Activism and hacking, also known as Hacktivism. It involves protest against the government, corporations, news media, etc. using street protest and online blackhat hacking. Usually the hacking done by these members has been more blackhat style, in which they are doing it for the purpose of damage and to also gain money. Makes Anonymous seem more illegitimate if you look at it like that.

Although unstated what the plea deal was, Sabu is entitled to a maximum charge (after pleading guilty in March) to 124 years in prison. The charges involved 12 federal offenses, including conspiracy to commit computer hacking, and conspiracy to commit bank fraud, among other charges. Some of the things mentioned by Sabu led to other charges for hackers that were also arrested from Anonymous.

Since LulzSec’s & Antisec’s fallout, small hacking groups have appeared and then disappeared, including SpexSec and r00tbeersec. Since Sabu’s leave, Anonymous has never been the same. Who would care? Their unethical behavior must be stopped. The only way to get it to stop is to continue to hold strong to our values and beliefs. The world system cannot be perfect, and they seem to have this idea it can be. The economic difficulties all around the world complicate every year. There is no end to struggle, it’s part of life.

Wrapping Up the DNSChanger Case

Here is all the latest data from the DNSChanger Working Group (DCWG) – which is a wrapup of the entire DNSChanger cases. (All photos link to the DCWG site where they were featured)

Victim Count by DCWG

Other DCWG IP address data

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SpexSec Appears and Then Drops Out?

Data Leakage


What’s being told as similar to Anonymous, a new hacktivist surfaced and then disappeared, naming themselves SpexSec or SpexSecurity. Why they did this is unknown at this time, however, the details of their “one-hit-wonder” (or two hit) are below.


The information of approximately 100,000 Tennessee citizens had their personal data leaked such as social security numbers, birth dates, and passwords. Essentially, identities were at stake here! The details can be found here: pastebin.com/u727aBNb

Many of the members of Clarksville-Montgomery County (CMCSS) School System were victims of the hack. CMCSS is blamed for inducing the hack by not patching its computer systems.

They also stole a good number of VISAs, noted here: pastebin.com/dY1C17Xw

Their Wrapup

A post on the group’s Twitter page will show that they have no more plans to hack and attack…

Their statements can be read in a couple of posts:



No information is found for the third hacker, Makaveli. After searching, no information was found.

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