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Is Microsoft Overconfident? Ballmer Calls Android “Wild” and iOS “Highly Controlled”

Steve Ballmer may be the most audacious techie, well at least at Microsoft. He sure has his ways of expressing the opinions he has, which also reflect on the company. But, at least he did it professionally. Anyway, during his interview the other night with Reid Hoffman from LinkedIn, he stated some significant views on the mobile market.

Some of the views of Steve Ballmer included that the Android OS is “wild” and “uncontrolled”; further prone to malware infestations. But, answer this Ballmer…what was Microsoft’s excuse for years in its game of malware infestations? He has no room to talk, as his involvement with Microsoft has existed since 1980, being the 30th employee of the company (according to biographical reports). Microsoft had plenty of time to heal their security problems, but just ignored them for years.

Secondly, he called the iOS, Apple’s forefront mobile product, “highly controlled” and “quite high priced”. Of course, now he’s picked Microsoft as being the middle party operating system maker. As Microsoft’s products are not very well controlled or evenly controlled, and okay pricing. Our perspectives see Ballmer’s point. The question remains, however, was Ballmer just picking on the competition?

It can be sure that Ballmer just wants the middle-ground, as many people seem very comfortable there. Just to hope that mediocre tactics don’t set in, and Microsoft’s mobile line doesn’t go down the tube.

Passwords are Dead? Read on…

Passwords as a defensive measure are complete rubbish. There’s no two ways about that. The fact that high-value services such as online banking, corporate email and data storage use simple passwords as the only real security mechanism is a sad commentary on the state of defensive technologies. But, as the continued parade of password leaks of late proves on a daily basis, users who believe these companies are protecting their passwords are sadly mistaken.

The companies that provide these online services, such as email, cloud storage, online banking and others, would really rather not store your passwords, truth be told. As we’ve seen, it’s just one more piece of data that they need to protect and can potentially lose. The business models at banks, retailers and social networks do not include acting as secure storage facilities user passwords. If there was some way for these services to exist without having to deal with user passwords, they would have found it.

But no one has yet, and there doesn’t seem to be a good solution to the problem on the horizon. Passwords were a terrible idea at the beginning, they’re still terrible now and they’ll continue to be terrible in the future.

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Change your Password on All Social Networks!

From the LinkedIn breach to eHarmony to Last.FM breaches – other social networks may be targeted. Sadly, users fall in to this trap everyday of having their password stolen. And believe me, security experts push password security tips…but users ignore them ALL the time!

Facebook has published a banner on the top of the news feed telling users to check out security tips on the following page:facebook.com/about/security

This is also just days after many companies, including Facebook, Twitter, and Google plus others joined in The Ads Integrity Alliance. This was launched last Thursday and has Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) in New York also as a charter member.

OnGuardOnline.gov provides awesome tips. Included is one just like this, which helps understand social networking safety for children: onguardonline.gov/articles/0012-kids-and-socializing-online


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