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Security & BYOD for the iPhone 5 (mini-whitepaper)

As you upgrade to the iPhone 5, please keep in mind some principles, both personal and business.

  • If your iPhone will be handed down to a child, make sure ALL critical data is removed from there. This includes all business data, personal details, etc. It is highly critical to maintain your business and personal identity.
  • As new devices are created, new threats are created as well. These security threats need to be identified and taken care of. Just because it is a new iPhone does not mean it’s immune from security threats. Security is a losing battle, because hackers are always trying to stay one-step ahead of programmers/developers. While developers are working around the clock trying to prepare these new capable hardware/software, hackers are doing the same working against them.
  • The iPhone 5 is set to accelerate BYOD, which means better available options to network administrators. Things like data copying, wiping operations (erasing loads of data), etc.
  • The iOS 6’s Passbook feature can store financial information for securing digital transactions. If you’re comfortable storing that information go ahead, otherwise just keep it off.
  • Emails, texts, and calendar appointments can be modified by the Siri app, without requiring the administrator to log in to the device.
  • If Apple succeeds in the acquisition of AuthenTec, it allows for a fingerprint identification security system for the device, making it more secure physically. But this technology is pending at the moment.
  • Apple calls the iPhone 5 “The thinnest, lightest, fastest iPhone ever”, but they mention nothing about security do they?


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Security Experts Worried About Google Now

Google Now is another one of those applications that worry security experts, like the recent Facebook issue for mobile tracking. Google Now is the latest upgrade in the new release of the Android Operating System. What’s worrisome is that its searching techniques put businesses at risk.

As a competitor for Apple Siri (voice-based service anyway), Google Now uses searching history, calendar, Google Maps usage, and location to deliver useful information to you ahead of time. Privacy ouchie! But anyway, maybe you want to know when and where the next bus will stop, or when a storm will hit…Google Now has all the information you need without your asking!

Now, this is not enabled by default, you have to opt-in. What it lacks is a management platform, for companies to be able to manage it and keep their employees on task/schedule. What would be best is for secure browsers to be deployed on these mobile platforms, which can enable the ability to disable such apps, particularly distracting ones.

Many companies rely on the privacy of all of their company’s data, and cannot have Google services indexing sensitive data to deliver crazy results in Google Now. Even more so, companies are worried for their employees’ personal data being at risk, as well!

Google will have to make a way for better management techniques before the use of this app gets out of hand (and it can do so very fast).



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